Presentation of Preludd Payment Services

Who are we ?

In 2016, Benjamin Laurent created Preludd Payment Services. It was founded by passionate payment industry professionals with the goal of offering the most comprehensive payment services at the best price. 

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6 years later, in 2022, the company is experiencing strong growth. Today, Preludd is :

+240,000 terminals connected to our platform

+69 million transactions routed to banks each month

+5.4 billion euros in transit on our platform each month

We have more than 30 employees who are experts in electronic banking and we are still recruiting! (If you want to join the adventure, click here.)

Timeline Preludd
Key numbers

Local payment at the heart of our business

Preludd is an independent payment platform. In France, a payment terminal needs an electronic payment gateway to connect to the CB banking network and transmit the payments collected by merchants on a daily basis. Our job is to provide this link between the terminal and the banks and to secure the connections.  We make sure that all the data collected by the SoftPOS terminals is transmitted to the banking network, securely and without intrusion, in order to protect the entire system.

Little known to the general public, we are not visible on a payment terminal. Our solutions are distributed through our network of professional electronic banking customers and banks who provide merchants with a global payment solution, including flows.

Every day tens of thousands of retailers all over France use our services. Chances are you regularly make card payments on a payment terminal connected to Preludd Payment Services.

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Our ambition? To reinvent the payment of tomorrow

Reiventing payments

Our ambition?

To imagine the payment of tomorrow by bringing a breath of modernity to terminals, enabling merchants to offer optimal payment paths to consumers.

Boldness is our driving force; the avant-garde our challenge, to design the payments of everyday life and propose those of tomorrow.

That’s why Preludd is committed to pushing innovation in SoftPOS terminals, in partnership with other players in the payment chain, and by closely following the latest developments in the sector, both in France and abroad. We are also very close to our customers and are constantly listening to market expectations in order to offer products that are as close as possible to real-life use cases.

Toulouse, a metropolis awarded the FrenchTech label

Preludd is located in Toulouse, the cradle of many start-ups and a city with the FrenchTech label.

The pink city, renowned for its dynamism around new technologies, offers us an environment conducive to innovation.

It is therefore in this FrenchTech ecosystem that we are established, with a national influence since our clients come from all over France !

Whether you’re buying bread from the baker around the corner in Bordeaux, having a coffee on the terrace in Paris or eating in your favourite restaurant in Lyon, chances are you’ll be making card payments using our services !

The world is global, so Preludd too

Preludd Payment Services’ activities are international in scope and cross our borders. We support our international clients and partners with their payment needs and issues through our office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, offering a reach across the Middle East and Africa.

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Why choose Preludd as your payment gateway?

Business & payment expertise

This is the major asset of our team in the development of our products and the support of our customers. Our universal solutions meet the regulatory requirements of the sector, are PCI-DSS certified and use Paycert’s STCA2 certificates.

Expertise in Agility

Value-based management brings more flexibility in the execution of our projects while guaranteeing a high standard of quality in line with user expectations.

Strengthen your customer relationship

Personalise your portal, display your logo and your colours and build customer loyalty !

Performance at lower costs

Our cloud solutions allow you to combine performance and reduced costs for the management of your electronic payment systems. This means you gain in efficiency and competitiveness !


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