The only cloud-based payment platform on the French market

White Label

Our web interfaces and tools are fully customizable on several levels

Open APIs

APIs accessible from customers’ business tools
For a personalized response to everyone’s needs

Cloud Native

Cloud expertise
Security: 100% secure in double independent sites
Agile development and scalability of solutions

Payment Innovations


Open terminals to new purposes : Creating value added services on a POS terminal is finally possible !

All the Preludd toolbox available for your projects :

Development of business applications

Do not hesitate to contact us to study the feasibility of your projects

POS Secure

A Preludd exclusive innovation!

This application meets the REMPARTS requirements of the GIE CB and guarantees the security of your terminals during the different phases of transport (initial dispatch, temporary storage, device return).

With POS Secure, the POS terminal is completely blocked and unusable without the unlocking code, transmitted and known only to the merchant recipient

POS secure

Expertise in payment

Remote configuration, remote collection and authorization are the mechanisms for exchanging with the acquiring bank of which we are experts.

Our proficiency of the EMV standard allows us to provide our expertise in exchanges between the chip card and POS terminals.

We are specialists in proximity payment according to the various international standards (MPE for France, PCI CPOC, NEXO ISO20022, ISO8583, Single or Dual Message).